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red stonecrop ground cover
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Can be susceptible to disease, and younger plants are more affected. Care for sedum spurium or mongrel stonecrop.

10x Unrooted Cuttings Red Stonecrop Garden Sedum

Easy to care for and plant. Fill troublesome areas with neat ground cover.

Red Stonecrop Ground Cover

Keep plants and surrounding areas dry to help deter them.Like stonecrop, it is sensitive to overwatering and may contract a fungal disease if it receives too much.Rare
ly bothered by pests, but aphids, snails or slugs may be attracted to them.Red black stonecrop ground cover low growing spurium, 10 rare seeds truesourceseeds 4 out of 5 stars (497) $ 11.99.

Red carpet sedum is one of the full sun ground cover plants but it tolerates partial shade as well.Red stonecrop is a ground cover plant.Red stonecrop sedum is a fast growing ground cover with brilliant red flowers in late summer.Sedum have colorful, fleshy leaves that store water for up to three months of drought.

Sedum hybridum ‘immergrünchen’ (now known as phedimus stoloniferus) is a robust ground cover with red and green foliage.Sedum is good for erosion control on banks and tolerates dry soil conditions with ease.Sedum spurium (phedimus spurius) ‘voodoo’:Sedum spurium ‘dragon’s blood stonecrop’, aka ‘red carpet’ is commonly used as ground cover because of its cold hardy nature.

Some are quite hardy to cold, others fairly tender;Some are tiny and trailing, others much larger and upright.Stonecrop succulents rarely have any pest problems and are unbothered by disease.The cultivation of stonecrops is an excellent beginning gardener project.

The ground cover varieties spread easily and will fill the available space with a lush, undulating carpet that is easy to maintain once it reaches the desired extent.The stems lay on the ground while also covering it.The stonecrop plant is perfect for container gardening, in rockeries, along paths or as part of perennial borders.The strong, evergreen red stonecrop is one of the strongest ground cover plants.

Their colors change through the seasons with a range of oranges, reds, greens, blues, and purples represented.These seed heads extend the season of interest of this sedum for months.They can grow indoors in sunny warm locations or outdoors.This ground cover stonecrop is very covering and ideal for garnishing bare places.

This variety holds its color well into winter but it does lose significant leaves during its winter dormancy.This variety is similar in appearance to sedum kamtschaticum.Tiles can be placed directly in the area you need to fill for instant color.Trim the plants to ground level every fall to encourage new growth in the spring.

You can combine the red stonecrop with large groups of plants, for example, along a garden path or border.