Nightcap Drink Cover Video 2021

Nightcap Drink Cover Video. Also available is a separate carrying bag with stainless steel straws. Always buy your own drink and never leave it unattended.

nightcap drink cover video
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And this one doubles as a drink cover! But the nightcap does make it difficult to hamper with the drink.

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Do you hate that your drink is uncovered and just want to make sure you’re extra safe? Drink spiking statistics sourced from

Nightcap Drink Cover Video

Introducing the nightcap — a cover for a
glass designed to help protect your drink from those who would wish you harm.
It also works as a hair scrunchie, as seen in the video below.It fits over the top of all drinking glasses.It is machine washable and has a small opening for a straw.

It’s called nightcap. it fits securely over most glasses and cups used in bars and restaurants.It’s a drink cover designed specifically to prevent drink spiking.I’m always looking for a hair tie for my mane.Just wear your nightcap in your hair or on your wrist.

Nightcap can deter drink spiking in many instances, but cannot guarantee your safety.Nightcap is a drink prevention cover made of a nylon and spandex combination.Nightcap product is meant to reduce drink spiking.Nightcap turns your hair scrunchie into a drink cover to create a simple and convenient solution.

On season 12 of shark tank, a teen inventor pitches nightcap, a cover/hair scrunchie for drinks to be used at a bar, restaurant or house party, when she explains why drinking in public is a.Palm beach student’s ‘nightcap’ invention aims to prevent spiked drinks.Place cover over drink and pop in a straw.Pull drink cover out from hidden scrunchie pocket.

Shirah and michael have been very vocal about their disapproval over leaving a drink unattended.Shirah benarde and her brother, michael benarde, demonstrate their innovative product to.Snac zma nightcap rapid recovery sleep supplement drink mix that supports a healthy immune system, apple berry, 450 grams 4.2 out of 5 stars 104 $19.94 $ 19.Student creates ‘nightcap’ cover to prevent drink spiking news 9.

The benarde siblings went into the tank.The cap can also be used to keep sand, dirt and bugs out of a drink.The cover fits inside a scrunchie, making it something easy and fashionable to carry along on a night out.The covers other uses are to prevent the bugs from entering the drink.

The episode airs at 8 p.m.The invention debuted in the us in time for christmas.The invention works as a hair accessory and as a cover for unattended drinks.The nightcap is a flexible cover made from a nylon/spandex combination that fits most standard drink glasses.

The nightcap sells for $11.99 for one, and $39.99 for four.The purple nightcap is now available to order!There’s also a small hole perfect for any straw.They say that the cover doesn’t act as a safe bet and we should still be aware of what is happening.

They were selected to showcase their invention called the nightcap, a protective drink cover disguised as a hair scrunchie that can be worn on the wrist.This is the perfect addition to your evening outfits.We are releasing it early as we only have a small amount and want to give an opportunity for those who have been waiting to get it before they sell out on friday night.When you want to use it, simply remove it, pull the cover out of.

While everyone has a method of choice to feel safer, there is another option.With a reusable straw kit, they are $15.99 and $51.99.